Monday, 4 January 2016

Snow Bridge

Last year I collected a series of fat quarters in blue and white with lots of sparkles.  I was not sure what I would do with them but they were nice as only blue and white can be and the added sparkle of the bling was interesting.

I have used the Fabonacci theorem before to put together fabrics into a cohesive whole.  Here is a link to the math theorem.  Fabonacci It works to use strips of fabric in the sequence and for some reason even disparate fabrics go together.  At the same time I had been looking at the fire works on the bridge over Sydney Harbour in Australia.  The bridge is quite elegant and I travelled over it several times when I was in Sydney.  So here is the result of two ideas meeting.

It is not easy to capture all the bling with the camera using inside light on a dull day but I am happy with the piece.    It makes me remember the snow sparkling in the arena lights with outdoor skating in my hometown.  The snow was twinkling and the air was always crisp and cold as only Ottawa winters can be.  My Dad would lace my skates tight and skate with us making sure we were alright.   Oh, we had fun in the cold, skating and then getting close to the old stove in the shed for warmth when fingers and toes were freezing. The silver chains sketch the elegant lines of the bridge and the dark colours the uprights. It was a fun challenge to do and although not truly useful it was as every quilted piece is a learning adventure.

Sadly my experiment with the lights in my Christmas tree have failed.  Not sure why.  I have tried new batteries but no luck.  They were working as the picture in a previous post proves but they are not now.  However I did plan for this should it happen and can remove the lights and replace them with crystals.   It was a fun thing to do and unless you try something you will never know.   Now on to a 'regular' quilt which I have designed.  So another adventure from computer to paper to quilt.

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