Friday, 4 December 2015

Like everyone 'Yikes it is December already'

The month has begun with winds sweeping in overnight and freezing everything.  No dog walks early in the morning and a desire to stay inside until spring arrives.  In fairness, we have had a lovely fall but it is now definitely gone.  The roses still need to be hilled up and there are some leaves that might be more tidily placed.  Perhaps winter will recede for a day or two or maybe the sun will shine for several hours and make it feel warmer.

The bonus in winter is that there is more quilting time.  I have finished a quilt which was started so long ago.  A shop called Jillybeans Pride, which is no more, had a lovely quilt with Chinese symbols.  I was not a quilter at that time.  I occasionally took a class (very occasionally) when I needed a stress break from work.  This quilt was a block of the month and before I moved to my present home I had done 7.5 of the blocks.  I think there were 12 in total.  I had bitten off so much more than I could chew because the blocks are applique with several layers in each.  The backing fabric got lost in the move.  The backing fabric was found on line thanks to a store in Manitoba.  But the blocks hung around unfinished.  They got stained.  Finally I dug out some fabric from my stash, got the blocks that were presentable but not perfect and made a quilt.  It is very different from what the original one.

After making the quilt, piecing the back and letting them rest (aka UFOs) I quilted it.  I am truly pleased.  The machine clocked 20 hours of quilting time; just quilting.  Everything is hand guided long arm.  Here are some pictures.   I am glad I did not turf the stained blocks.  Now on to other projects.

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