Friday, 24 April 2015

Long time - no post

Well after my last post, life was not ideal.  We had a winter that we will all complain about and drove most of us to ground in our houses.  Life can take a dive sometimes and we tend to curl up and ignore the outside world.

I did just that.  I ignored virtually everything except have to's and read and read.  Oh how wonderful it is to be able to download library books and not have to put on boots and gloves.  And of course the internet kept me in touch with all the quilt shows and blogs where I could drool over other peoples quilts and in my pessimism feel I can never be as good as them.  Snow not only freezes the landscape but it also freezes creative abilities.

But I did make a quilt for a show and it is entered.  The challenge called 'Presenting Yourself'. If you are in Nova Scotia, the show is 'Art Hits the Wall'.  Here is a link where the shows will appear over the summer.Art Hits the Wall   It is quite treat to see something you have done on display.  Here is a picture of my entry.

I got an opportunity to see it hung at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Yarmouth and also to see other entries.  There are some talented and funny quilters and hookers out there.

I also did quilts for others during this time and cleaned up and organized and planned another quilt entry.  But I do not think this one will make it into the show.  Sometimes an idea is difficult to execute but you have to try.  If it makes it I will post pictures.  But I used Photo Shop for some of the pictures in it and had to teach myself.  It is really easy to use once you get into the terms and commands to execute them.  This was a perfect winter to learn as bright pictures on the screen and challenges to a winter dulled brain kept it humming.  The winter even impacted that as I waited for printable fabric to come through the post. Weather slowed its arrival.  

If you wonder how snow can be so invasive, just imagine snow so tall it covers the front of your garage and there is a long walk to the garage. I accomplished this by going over the snow and holding on to the clothes line which normally is way over my head but was a waist level this time.  It took 2 hours to dig out a hole in the snow bank to be able to squeeze the door open and to be able to move a few feet and get the snow blower out.  Of course having two dogs trying to share the space you have cleared for your feet and knocking down snow was a hindrance but they had a lot of fun. About 3 feet took two hours.  It took two of us another 2 hours with the snow blower and shovels to clear a way for foot and car traffic.  That was just out to the street.  No guarantees when you got there.

Well spring is springing and there are crocuses and snow drops and clean sidewalks to walk dogs and boots, winter boots that is are put away.  My funk as I cannot think of another way to describe it is slowly taking its shadow away from my creativity.  Human relations are complex and when they are out of sorts it impacts your whole world.  

So, I am continuing to make backs for quilts but as other quilts come in mine get pushed to the back but with one more back to make I can start on a new quilt; new time of year, new flowers; green grass and sunshine.  Now I have 6 of my own quilts to quilt so will be kept busy hustling from indoors to outdoors.  Like my new rhodos, I made it through a misty blanket and out the other side.  

More pictures will come.  Just getting my fingers into trim to post again.  Thanks for using visiting my blog.

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