Friday, 14 February 2014

Shifting piles

Ok.  I am sure that many of you who are quilters or knitters or anything else creative  know about shifting piles.  Items to be created start with an idea, pattern, magazine or from your head.  Pile 1.  Then you start the project and they become Pile 2 and sometimes pile UFO and at the worst pile 'graveyard'.  If you go directly from Pile 2 to Pile 3 which is a finished object but a not totally complete object  you go to Pile 4.  And occasionally the UFO pile after a bit of work goes to Pile 4.   Pile 4 for me is needs to be quilted.  The nice thing about that is it physically moves from my sewing area to another room and if I avoid that quilting room I can feel quite righteous about having finished a quilt top.   But Pile 4 is a real nagger so eventually it gets quilted.  My strategy for delay is that I cannot figure out just how I want to  quilt it. I spend spare time doodling quilting designs.

So here is a piece that has just moved from Pile 3 to Pile 4.  It is a quilt by Gerry Robinson out of a McCalls magazine.  Her quilts are always gorgeous.  I made it a scrap quilt as I have so many Christmas scraps.  The Christmas scrap box is now reduced and added to since I started.   Now I can begin to think about how it should be quilted.  But that will have to wait as there are others nagging in Pile 4.  6 more days until I can bend and lift like normal.  (Oh, I am hearing the house nagging too.  SHHHHH!!!!)  :)

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  1. Un superbe quilt,j'adore ces blocs,les couleurs de tissus aussi est superbe.
    Je suis fran├žaise le patchwork et broderie sont mes passions§
    Bonjour de France