Saturday, 1 October 2016

Finished product

On July 8th which seems so long ago, I posted some pictures of a quilt I was making for a show.  Well here is the final product.

 The best comment I got was someone who said the quilt made her feel happy.  I consider that a great compliment. When I saw the fabrics so many months ago I too felt they were happy.  The fabrics made me think of spring and bright sun and skies.  The back is colourful as well; done with scraps and some additional Kaffe Fasset fabric from a sale bin.

Piecing backs can be a challenge.  As you cannot see the back as you quilt and although you might take good measurements, the take up of the quilting pattern can put the middle of the back not quite in the middle.  So I try to piece backs that do not have a noticeable center.  Of course I learned by making the mistake of creating a very prominent center on one quilt back.  That quilt is currently on a to do list to cut it up and put it back together again.

This quilt should provide some artifical sunshine in the winter which they are saying will be bad. And it has a double batting which will make it warm.  Hopefully the winter will not bring snow as high as the fence which has happened before.  I guess I will have to go to my stash and pick a winter project or two that is bright and colourful as a tonic on long winter days.  Already there is a small cat who loves heat, perching on the microwave in the mornings indicating with a very haughty look that the house is too cool for his liking.  The good thing about winter is there is more time to quilt.  It takes less time to blow the snow away than it does to cut the lawns.

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