Tuesday, 5 August 2014

In this time of tranquilizers

The pace of life is hectic.  Finding time for ones own self is difficult when your hobby/business and involvement with various groups has you with a long to do list.  Add in a bit of family upset and your heart is thumping, you want to run away sometimes and you worry about tension and blood pressure.  But when your hobby/business for me anyway is my one of my loves it provides me exercise for my imagination, being creative and achieving goals.  The fact the goal list gets longer just adds a bit of challenge.

It is summer; the garden weeds are screaming look at us and the lawn grows before your eyes and it is warm and muggy and hectic becomes more aggressive.  So what to do.

Well, it is amazing what an afternoon in my sewing room could do.  Unfortunately it did not stop the panting of the dog but it gave me peace.  My mind was on my target for the afternoon, the work was fairly easy.  I had to design and stitch a label for a quilt I had finished and it was time for the binding.  Each required attention but not intense attention.  And although some do not like doing binding it is such a pleasure to take the tiny stitches around the quilt and know you are close to the finish line.

A new fad has popped up called slow quilting like slow cooking.  People want to go back to hand piecing and hand quilting.  For me that is snail slow but doing a binding is my dose of slow.  Sitting in the sunroom with the blinds closed; the air a little cooler and a kitty on the quilt I was binding, it was lovely.

After my afternoon I had a finished quilt; my heart was no longer pounding and I could cross one thing off my to do list. Actually two things as making the label and binding the quilt were two items.  Cheating I know but.....

So in the fall this quilt will go to CAPS to raise money.  I had a challenge for myself with it from designing to completing it satisfactorily or at least I think it is satisfactory.  I love cats and hope someone who does as well will support CAPS.

Here was my tranquilizer.

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