Monday, 22 April 2013

Fun Day

Well the log cabin quilt is done; the binding is on and now it must go back to its creator.  It came bundled in a plastic bag like rags.  The borders were floppy and some seams a bit wonky.  Now it is quilted; straightened as much as possible and the border are reapplied and flat.  An overall stippling helped to get the not straight bits in control.  A bit of enhancement of the design takes it out of stippling boredom and the reference to Zentangle rescued the border.  I am going to think about Zentangle much more in the future.  Fun and creative and one of a kind.

It will be hard to see it leave but I cannot wait to see the face of the creator when it is taken to her today.  I think that is the biggest reward of all to see someone pleased with what has been done.  Doing it is fun; no question long arm quilting is just plain fun with a few challenges thrown in.  But if it was not for challenges then we would have not the joy of making it over the hurdle.

I am not sure in this deal who will have the greatest pleasure.  But I do know returning the quilt will give me intense happiness on a sunny spring day.  Well back to juggling the stove; the washing machine etc. but with a light heart.

Some pictures of the finished product.

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